Hi and Welcome!

Come in and make yourself at home. Have a cup of coffee, some apple juice (Otaheite), or an ice-cold glass of water. I’d love for you to hang out with me for a bit while taking a rest from web crawling.

You might be here because of Knot a Liar, the first in the Knotted Up Series. And if not, be sure to check that one out too in addition to all  the other available tales where I’ll pull you in and weave you a tale so tall, you’ll wonder how you got here in the first place. And even then you won’t want to leave. Hopefully. This is all just wishful thinking on my part, really. And don’t worry I’m not one those to go kicking out strangers. I’m more the one to bind them in the basement. Just joking. I don’t have a basement but I am thinking of building a cellar one of these days.

So, because you are staying for some time, know that  I’m in the process of adopting into Rosy Story Lovers family. And yes, you’ll still be subjected to hearing my horrible jokes. Some you’ll love- like the one above. The rest? Well, we’ll both wonder where I’m heading with them. And don’t worry, I won’t bother you too much. Just once or twice a month or thereabouts to know you’re still alive and kicking, still in good health and still reading.

While you’re busy reading, I’ll grab you another drink…