Meet Rose Ann

Rose Ann BridgesMeet the Author Behind the Pages

Rose Ann Bridges writes contemporary romances, romantic comedies, new adult and women’s fiction novels. As a self-professed unapologetic book nerd, she writes about stuff in which she has extensive knowledge: love, heartbreak and stupid decisions.

Walking away from the classroom to raise her daughter, Rose Ann rediscovered her love for reading. That love had her thinking of rewrites to her favourite books when sometimes things didn’t go as she imagined. Her first novel, Knot a Liar, opened her up to the world of writing romantic comedies.

When she’s not writing (or trying to), you can find her elbow deep in a romance or supernatural novel. Or obsessing over K-Dramas while trying to teach her daughter that the family dog isn’t quite a full human. There’s no reason he should be subjected to being treated as a living doll. Other times you’ll find her either hunched over her laptop or sipping coffee while trying to get through another lecture on ‘Why Barbie is Important to the World’. Sponsored, prepared and presented by her daughter. Rose was a true Jamaican tomboy. A fact her daughter blissfully ignores.

Rose Ann is thrilled to share her first novel with you and loves to hear from readers! So feel free to connect with Rose Ann on Twitter or Facebook or at