The Insert Here Series

The Insert Here Series Reading Order

It all happens in Junesville, where residents put a whole new meaning to finding love while chasing ever afters. Find available titles at your favourite ebook retailer.

Insert Here Series Book 1



Book 1: Insert Bride Here

Sometimes falling fixes the lies we tell…

To avoid an arranged marriage, an office secretary convinces his friend and boss to pose as his fiancée to cover up a careless lie he told to his friends and mother. READ MORE

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Insert Here Series Book 2


Book 2: Insert Groom Here

When finding a fill-in is only the beginning…

To escape inevitable humiliation, one woman finds a fill-in to be her groom to stay in line her upcoming job promotion.  READ MORE

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Insert Here Series Book 3


Book 3: Insert You Here

Lessons in how not to charm a girl

When a nerdy high school senior sets out to lose his virginity, he goes after his crush who in turn rescues him from himself. READ MORE

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