Let Me Fall

Let Me Fall (a standalone)

Her first fall was for love…


Let Me Fall

Paige struggles daily with her father’s sudden death. And while presenting the facade  that her world is perfect is tiring, she keeps going. When Roman, who she sees way too much of at college bargains for a date, she accepts thinking she’ll put his obsession to rest. But, when one date leads to another, Paige has her first fall. Roman.

Cornered by further unexpected changes, Paige agrees to marriage to inject stability in her life. However, she soon realizes her marriage is just another in a list of mistakes she’s made. And when the perfect opportunity comes for her escape, she has to decide what choices to make and whose heart to break.

But should Paige take the easy way out and grasp what she once thought left for good or should she, in the words of her husband, be a good girl and stay?

Let me Fall is a standalone new adult novel featuring a love story between the main characters, whose romance is altered by time and decisions. If you like sad, heart-wrenching romances and heroines you can cry and grow with, then you’ll love Rose Ann Bridges’ tale of the value and strength of love.

Discover Let me Fall today to see how Paige finds herself while fighting for what she wants!

Note: Let Me Fall is another of my current WIPs that is sort of on the backburner (or off the stove) in favour of me completing the Knotted Up series. It’s also on track to be published in late 2017/ early 2018. You can read the (very) raw, unedited and unfinished versions on wattpad and writeon. Typos included (click on the links to take you to the book).

Series: Standalone
Genres: New Adult, Women’s Fiction
Publication Year: 2017