Knot thy Enemy

Knot thy Enemy

Her father’s wishes or her heart?

Knot thy Enemy

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After a year of being ignored, Savannah wants a divorce. More than she wants to keep her promise to her dying father of marrying the wealthily attractive Daniel Watterson. But when they get thrown together, Daniel makes Savannah question truths she has no answers to. And falling for the man she detests can’t erase one lingering question: why did her father want her married to Daniel?

Slowly and unwillingly, Daniel and Savannah discover that their mutual indifference is really simmering, bridled desire Time, though, proves the temptation of forbidden fruit impossible to resist as they yield to their sizzling chemistry. As the truth about their families closes in, Savannah and Daniel discover something dark and dangerous in the fact that their two families are woven together through intrigue and passion. They find secrets and truths binding them long before they tied the knot.

Can Daniel right the wrongs that haunt their past before Savannah walks away from their future? And will Savannah yield to Daniel knowing she was never his choice? Can their unwanted marriage become the only saving grace in a world of fraud, deceit and lies? One thing they both know, nothing is ever as it appears on the surface.

Knot thy Enemy is the second instalment in a series of sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes humourous romance novels. If you like a bit of suspense mixed in with your romance and brooding heroes that make your veins pulse, then you’ll love Knot thy Enemy where people aren’t always who they make themselves to be and secrets only shatter their glass houses.

Discover Knot thy Enemy to start the dangerously sexy romance today!

Note: The Knotted Up Series is a series of full-length stand-alone titles.

Series: Knotted Up, Book 2
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781524232467