Knot a Liar

Knot a LiarThe truth could ruin everything!

Knot a Liar

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Jodi wants to come out on top for once. News of her rival’s new marriage calls for drastic measures for their upcoming high school reunion. But when a fake relationship leads to a fake marriage, that leads to more trouble than she signed up for.

Sam decides to help Jodi because… Well, he’s not sure since their first meeting gave him enough reasons to run. Instead, he lets his protective nature get them in hot water. And an already bad situation turns worse once his parents congratulate him on finally tying the knot.

With no way out, or so they think, Jodi and Sam keep devising plans that only dig deeper ditches. But the deeper the ditch the tighter the bind. And Sam and Jodi find that walking away is easier said than done. But should they expect anything else when Jodi’s plan is to hire and knot a liar?

Knot a Liar is the first instalment in a series of sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes humourous romance novels. If you like fun, funny or easy going romances and heroes that make your heart throb, then you’ll love Knot a Liar where people have a bit of trouble with the truth and revealing their true feelings.

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Note: The Knotted Up Series is a series of full-length stand-alone titles.

Series: Knotted Up, Book 1
Genres: Chick-Lit, Romantic Comedy, Women’s Fiction
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781524211547   READ MORE



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