Insert Bride Here

Insert Bride Here

Sometimes falling fixes the lies we tell…


Insert Bride Here

In Tyler’s mind the plan is simple. Get Cidoney to pretend to be his fiancée. Just long enough until his friends leave the country. He’ll keep up the façade for them, stage a break-up and then tell his mother he is too heartbroken to move on.  What better way to avoid an arranged marriage?

Cidoney knows the plan isn’t that simple. Not when she’s Tyler’s boss, sort of dating a guy and not even attracted to Tyler enough to be lovey-dovey with him. And just why would Tyler lie about having a fiancée when he doesn’t even have a girlfriend? But feeling sorry for him and like the loyal friend she is, Cidoney agrees.

Unfortunately for them, the plan backfires when a friend arranges an engagement/ wedding trip. A trip that they find their friends joining. Friends who talk to Tyler’s parents often. Desperate, Tyler again recruits Cidoney to validate his ruse by posing as his fiancée.

Before long, the lies snowball, secrets get uncovered and by the time old friends and new rivals get involved, it’s not a matter of if Tyler’s plan will blow up, but when.

Insert Bride Here is a humourous contemporary romance novel. If you like fun, funny, easy-going romances and heroes that make your heart blush, then you’ll love Insert Bride Here where people have a bit of trouble with the truth and revealing their true feelings.

Discover Insert Bride Here today to start this sweet and funny romance!

Series: Insert Here Series
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romantic Comedy
Publication Year: 2017

Read the unedited version that’s available on wattpad or on writeon. (click on the links to take you to the book.)
Note: Insert Bride Here on track to be published by August 2017 at the latest.