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Knot a Liar extrasThe truth could ruin everything!

Knot a Liar (Knotted Up 1)

Jodi wants to come out on top for once. News of her rival’s new marriage calls for drastic measures for their upcoming high school reunion. But when a fake relationship leads to a fake marriage, that leads to more trouble than she signed up for.

Sam helps Jodi because… Well, he’s not sure since their first meeting gave him enough reasons to run. Instead, he lets his protective nature get them in hot water. And an already bad situation turns worse once his parents congratulate him on finally tying the knot.

With no way out, or so they think, Jodi and Sam keep devising plans that only dig deeper ditches. But the deeper the ditch the tighter the bind. And Sam and Jodi find that walking away is easier said than done.

Knot thy Enemy extras

When falling for the enemy can’t be helped…

Knot thy Enemy (Knotted Up 2)

After a year of being isolated and ignored, Savannah wants a divorce. More than she wants to keep her promise to her dying father of marrying the wealthy and handsome Daniel Watterson. But when they get thrown together, Daniel makes Savannah question truths she has no answers to. And even falling for the one man she detests can’t erase one lingering question: why did her father want her married to Daniel?

Slowly and unwillingly, Daniel and Savannah discover that their indifferent anger to each other is really simmering, bridled desire. With sizzling chemistry lighting up their world, the truth about their families closes in. And Savannah and Daniel discover something dark and dangerous in the fact that their two families are woven together through intrigue and passion. They find secrets and truths binding them long before they tied the knot.

Can Daniel right the wrongs that haunt their past before Savannah walks away from their future? And will Savannah yield to Daniel knowing she was never his choice? One thing they both know, nothing is ever as it seems.

Insert Bride Here extras

Sometimes falling fixes the lies we tell…

Insert Bride Here (Insert Here Series 1)

In Tyler’s mind the plan is simple. Get Cidoney to pretend to be his fiancée. Just long enough until his friends leave the country. He’ll keep up the façade for them, stage a break-up and then tell his mother he is too heartbroken to move on.  What better way to avoid an arranged marriage?

Cidoney knows the plan isn’t that simple. Not when she’s Tyler’s boss, sort of dating a guy and not even remotely attracted to Tyler to be lovey-dovey with him. And just why would Tyler lie about having a fiancée when he doesn’t even have a girlfriend? But feeling sorry for him and like the loyal friend she is, Cidoney agrees.

Unfortunately for them, the plan backfires when a friend arranges an engagement/ wedding trip. A trip that they find their friends joining. Friends who talk to Tyler’s parents often. Desperate, Tyler again recruits Cidoney to validate his ruse by posing as his fiancée.

Before long, the lies snowball, secrets get uncovered and by the time old friends and new rivals get involved, it’s not a matter of if Tyler’s plan will blow up, but when.


Short Stories

Signs of Serendipity extras

When unexpected interruptions lead to permanent destinies

Signs of Serendipity

Signs of Serendipity relays the tale of a couple meeting unexpected but fortunate discoveries about each other, what they want and their future. This one shot was based on Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud song for a wattpad competition.

Confession of Two extras

Reveal your heart, confess your soul

Confession of Two

In Confession of Two, two young souls unburden their hearts to each other, hoping and desiring for it to be reciprocated. This one shot came to me during the second draft of Knot a Liar, when I was unsure of whether I wanted to redraft the ending or not.