Here you’ll find the complete listing of my published and soon to be published books. To check out current works in progress, skip over to my blog.

Note: All books listed here are either already published or will be within 6 months.

*Dates subject to change.


Knot a Liar books

Knot a Liar [Knotted Up Book 1]

The truth could ruin everything! 

When Jodi’s rival gets married, she gets a man for their school reunion. But when a fake relationship leads to a fake marriage, Jodi finds herself in far more trouble than she bargained for.


Knot thy Enemy books

Knot thy Enemy [Knotted Up Book 2]

Loving the enemy was never a choice…

As dark secrets between their families become uncovered, an unwillingly married couple must decide if they want to fight for their unwanted marriage.


Let Me Fall books

Let Me Fall [a standalone]

Her love wasn’t all he left behind…

While still mourning, one woman discovers that jumping headfirst into an unwanted marriage while pining after love and normalcy, was only the beginning of heartbreak.


Insert Bride Here books

Insert Bride Here [Insert Here 1]

Sometimes falling fixes the lies we tell…

To avoid an arranged marriage, an office secretary convinces his loyal friend and boss to pose as his fiancée to cover up a careless lie he told to his friends and mother.


Under Summer's Sky books

Under Summer’s Sky [Undoing Seasons 1]

Under the sky… we’re all the same…

When a homeless woman rescues the real estate mogul who rejected her, he then becomes her saviour, whether she wants him to or not.