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Self Publishing- in GIF

At first, you’re like I’m going to write a book. No! An awesome book that everyone will love! So, you sit a while and try to think of something that will undoubtedly knock everyone’s socks off because… Then finally an idea springs! And your like man, I’m going to write the crap out of this…… Continue reading Self Publishing- in GIF


Writer or Junkie?

OK, so, I'm at that admit you have a problem stage. I love writing.  The act of writing, drafting, editing, all the stages of writing, even being stuck.  Love, love, love.  I love it like a junkie loves heroin or crack. (That's still a thing, right? Crack?)  I love posting, commenting, critiquing, reading, all facets… Continue reading Writer or Junkie?


The Best Romantic Comedy Movies Of All Time

Whether you need a good laugh about the absurdities of dating or craving a serious dose of heartwarming gooeyness, romantic comedy movies (rom-coms) will always be the perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon. From the touching love stories to the endearing train wrecks, there's a rom-com for everyone. We've selected the crème de la… Continue reading The Best Romantic Comedy Movies Of All Time

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Romance in Fiction vs Real Life

Lighthearted comedies (chick flicks, romantic comedies) can be sweet and clever to watch, yet they can likewise be really hopeful with regards to depicting adoration and relationship. Popular Romantic Comedies It's a given that lighthearted comedies are pressed with unsurprising sentiment themed tropes, similar to the "adoration switch" (in which a character begins the film… Continue reading Romance in Fiction vs Real Life


20 Reasons (Excuses) for a Romance Movie Marathon

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need an excuse for a romance movie marathon. Or book marathon. Works either way, really. Sadly, people (adults) frown when we (voracious readers) drop regular 'adult' responsibilities, grab a blanket, cookies and ice-cream to watch movies or read books at the drop of a hat. But I’ve created some great… Continue reading 20 Reasons (Excuses) for a Romance Movie Marathon

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When Books Ruin You

I recently read a book that absolutely shattered me, hollowed me from the depressing experience. Then I recalled similar experiences from books that were simply depressing, heart-wrenching and insanity-inducing books I've read. Books that destroyed you so much, you felt like you lost your purpose, the meaning of life. So I thought about what I… Continue reading When Books Ruin You


18 Signs of a Voracious Reader

By any definition, I'm a voracious reader.  Why? Well, simply put there's never enough time for all the books I want to read. So how do you know if you fall into this category? You know you're a voracious reader if.... You're reading most of the time. Be it on the web, on mobile apps (wattpad… Continue reading 18 Signs of a Voracious Reader


Inspiration for Authors

Do you guys remember a few weeks ago I had a serious case of writer's block? The long winded explanation is something I won't get into right now, but you can find it here. Well, last night I found inspiration in most unlikely place. And now I finally feel like I can get back into… Continue reading Inspiration for Authors

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Editing: Self-Publishing Authors’ Kilimanjaro

Since I became a writer, on my journey to being an author, I've encountered a few problems unique to the profession. Problem #1 being editing a manuscript. Somehow, while many other author-unique problems out there, self-editing has become the bane of my existence. To be honest, while I didn't know any authors or writers personally,… Continue reading Editing: Self-Publishing Authors’ Kilimanjaro