Self Publishing

Self Publishing- in GIF


Then finally an idea springs!

self publishing in GIF

And your like man, I’m going to write the crap out of this…

self publishing in GIF

But when you get to a third of the story, you’re like…

it's hard

But don’t worry, you got this, because…

Writing words

And because you know that such ‘geniousness’ cannot be hidden forever, you decide to send it to publishers so they can rightfully acknowledge the awesomeness that you are. But when you start querying publishers, they’re all like…

Island Romance Writer

And pretty soon your email inbox starts collecting…

continuous no

So you go through the five stages of rejection: madness, anger, detachment, alcohol, and finally…


And because you know the world is out to get you you’re like…

self publishing in gif

But then after a good’s night sleep, you’re like, “You know what they are obviously intimidated and are trying to contain al that I am. So I’ll show the who they messing with!” And with a little time on google you discover self-publishing. And you’re like, “Self-publishing is so easy! And free! Who are these professionals to tell me what the world can do without?” After all, it’s only…

self publishing in gif


self publishing in gif

So after a few months of…

Homework research


self publishing in gif

You decide that you’re finally ready. But by day 4 you’re like…

self publishing in gifWell… it’s more like…
writer under deadline gif
And at week 3 you’re like…
self publishing in gif
And at month 4, you’re like…
self publishing in gif

Until finally one day you get the epiphany that maybe you shouldn’t take the ‘self’ in self-publishing so literally by doing all the work yourself. Besides, the longer you take to get your novel out there, the longer the world will have to wait for their once in a lifetime opportunity to know you. So, you decide to hire some professionals to help you along the way…

self publishing in gif

And when your cover, editing, interior and marketing are all sourced, you realise something. You’re doing it. You’re really, actually doing it. You’re publishing a book!


However, when you editor sees your manuscript for the first time, it’s like…

editor GIF


self publishing in gif

So you are told to revise. And you realise that it’s back to…

Self-publishing GIF

Your cover designer gets all artsy-fartsy-awesome.

Artys fartsy

Turns out those professionals were a good idea. After a lot of behind-the-scenes work, your book is everything you dreamed it would be.

finally published

Now it’s time to make some money!


Crap. Marketing is hard.

blog marketing

Reviewers can be brutal.


But nobody can keep you down for long. This book is going to work.


You FINALLY sell some books. Looks like that hard work is paying off. You’re so awesome.

You're so awesome

Now start over.

Panda new

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