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When Books Ruin You

I recently read a book that absolutely shattered me, hollowed me from the depressing experience. Then I recalled similar experiences When Books Ruin Youfrom books that were simply depressing, heart-wrenching and insanity-inducing books I’ve read. Books that destroyed you so much, you felt like you lost your purpose, the meaning of life. So I thought about what I normally do when books ruin you. And your sense of happiness. Hence, this post was born: How to Cope with Life When Books Ruin You.

  1. Pretend it didn’t happen. Pretend what you just read didn’t happen,
  2. Rewrite the ending in your head (my favourite coping mechanism),
  3. Ban the book from your bookshelf (physical copies), or,
  4. Put it in the Naughty Corner list (e-books),
  5. Hold a grudge against the offensive pages forever,
  6. Banish the one who recommended the book from your life,
  7. Give it the stink eye every time you see it,
  8. Ignore it or put it in a timeout. Permanently,
  9. Make it apologise or at the very least explain what happened,
  10. Write the author/ editor to inform them of the missing or just plain wrong ending,When Books Ruin You
  11. Reread again (and again) to make sure the ending your read is the ending that was typed,
  12. Turn back time and save yourself the heartache,
  13. Allow your pet to find a new chew toy. Accidentally, of course,
  14. In sheer desperation to mend your heart, just rip out the offensive pages and live happily ever after.

Okay, so maybe those last two were too extreme. After all, books are our friends. No matter how much they hurt us. So, instead, hide it away forever and pretend it didn’t smack you across the face, rip out your heartstings and completely destroyed your feels. And the next time you meet a book that tears out your heart and crushes it into a million indistinct scraps before letting them burn as you sob and ugly cry into the darkest most depressing corner you can find, remember these tips.


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