Inspiration for Authors

Do you guys remember a few weeks ago I had a serious case of writer’s block?
Inspiration for AuthorsThe long winded explanation is something I won’t get into right now, but you can find it here. Well, last night I found inspiration in most unlikely place. And now I finally feel like I can get back into the swing of writing like I did before.

So I just have a little message for all writer’s and authors out there who might be suffering the same thing. If you are experiencing writer’s block: DON’T FRET!

Take a break, breathe, live and reconnect with life in the meantime. This doesn’t mean you’ll forget about your projects. No, it just inspiration for authors with writer's blockmeans, you’re giving yourself time to recuperate. Just watch. You’ll find inspiration in small and weird places. Funny enough, I found mine in another Hunger Games binge. Strange, I know. Just don’t ask how I got there after watching Doctor Strange. Again.

While I don’t advocate waiting for inspiration to get your writing done, I’ve noticed that’s when my best work gets out. So my advice is this: relax, go watch a movie or two, binge out on your favourite series, go out with friends and family. Or find an old album (yearbooks work as well) and reminisce on days gone by. Take a walk, a swim, a hike. I don’t care what you do quite frankly as long as you leave the house, grabs some fresh air in your lungs and go smell the proverbial roses. Because once you keep your butt planted in front of the computer screen, willing the words to flow from your fingertips, chances are you’re exacerbating the issue. And trust me, that’ll only tick you off more, the longer you’re in limbo with that project.Inspiration for authors beating writer's block

So get moving and rejoin the land of the living. Temporarily, of course. And in no time the writing bug will smack you and soon you’ll get out of that funk!


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