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Editing: Self-Publishing Authors’ Kilimanjaro

Since I became a writer, on my journey to being an author, I’ve encountered a few problems unique to the profession. Problem #1 being editing a manuscript. Somehow, while many other author-unique problems out there, self-editing has become the bane of my existence.
To be honest, while I didn’t know any authors or writers personally, I’ve often heard a few complaining. No, not true. I thought they were whining. How wrong the road to authorship prove me to be!
Now that I’m a part of the profession and come face to face with this question:
Editing: Self-Publishing Authors' Kilimanjaro
Almost every author and writer I know (me included) will probably respond with something to the effect of:
Editing: Self-Publishing Authors' Kilimanjaro

Editing: This Author’s Kilimanjaro

I know, I know that some people may consider this only as an excuse. As I did foolishly once. And as such, it may not fly for people who don’t understand that this is the reality authors and writers (of novels, especially) face off Mexican style all the time. But it is. I assure you. Editing and more specifically self-editing has become Mount Kilimanjaro on top of Mount Everest for me some days. Seriously.
So until my muse puts that gun (again) at my head and says that I’m in a do or die situation (and I really wish it would now), cut me some slack and let me lead a regular life for the few days I’m taking off writing. (Or editing.) Okay? Because I need to gather reserve and conserve every ounce of strength I can find to tackle the monster I wrote in Nano. I need to make it into somethingImage result for writer on vacation legible and readable. (I’m looking at you Under Summer’s Sky.) I went through the first two chapters last week and I swear I lost the ability to spell 85% of the words in English. Most look like a cross between French and Spanish. No joke.
So while I take a few day to steel my nerves, send encouragement and boost my belief that I can do this, won’t you? Thank you.

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