Freebie Fridays

Freebie Fridays: Free Fonts

free fontsI’ll be the first to admit that I can spend a full day looking at pretty fonts with no regrats (bonus points to those who get the reference).

But I get it, it’s hard to find high quality pretty, or even simply beautiful free fonts that you can use for whatever reason you please. Well, I’m here to rescue you (actually, it’s more to offload my conscience with the hours wasted on looking at typesetting).

Here are the places I visit most often to check out pretty commercially free fonts.

Google Web Fontsfree fonts on Googlefonts

Yes, you read that right. Google offers over a hundred free fonts? And they are all categorised so you can narrow your search or just browse until you find your next love. To grab one, click “Add to collection.” It should show up at the bottom of your screen; select “Use,” hit the little download button, and go wild. Actually, don’t.

Behancefree fonts on Behance

A lot of designers show off (and share through special offers) their work. And why shouldn’t they when they’re proud of their creations? When searching for a truly high-quality free font, it can get difficult. But I guarantee you Behance is an awesome place to look. Downside is that fonts aren’t categorised, but if you search for something like “free commercial font,”  or just slip commercial in your searches you’re bound to get plenty of results to keep you happy and joyful.


free fonts on Font Bundles .netFont Bundles

Font Bundles offers both free and paid fonts every day. However, once a week, they offer a ‘font of the week’ among others where you get a full commercial license to do whatever you please. They also have a lot of free personal fonts available at any given time so be careful and double-check that your license allows commercial use.


Creative Marketfree fonts on Creative Market

Creative Market is a special freebie place for me. Because not only can you score high-quality free fonts but sometimes you’ll get two in one week. Just sign up for an account (free of charge) and sit back and wait for the weekly freebies to come directly to your inbox. You get six each (not free fonts, just 6 freebies), but once they expire be ready to turn over your cash if you want the items. I never do. The same minute they send those freebies is the same moment I devour them. With no apologies.


free fonts on GumroadGumroad

Designers, such as Ian Mikraz, make special offers all the time to customers and potential customers through various media. Gumroad being one of those where you can download beautiful commercially licensed fonts for free (among other products). I mostly visit on a Friday to get a head start on my weekend design projects (aka my book covers). But I’m sure any day of the week you drop by you’ll find something special waiting for you.

So stop by any one of these sites and see what you can score. But be careful because this has been me:


So do tell, where is your favourite place(s) to get premium commercially free fonts?


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