FREE Romance Books, Freebie Fridays

Freebie Fridays: Romance Books

So, I’m thinking that this is definitely something I want to start for the new year: Freebie Fridays! And what better way to start than with our beloved romance books? Now this may range from books to fonts I love, but I’m hoping to always have something in store for you.

Now, to start us off  I’m focusing on romance books. And in particular romantic comedies to celebrate my upcoming title, Knot a Liar. I’ll be doing both freebies and almost freebies (US $0.99) titles. So let’s start with the freebies first.

Free Romance Books

Product Details

Bargain Romance Books

NB: Please, double-check the ALL prices first before clicking the BUY button. All prices are subject to change.

I tried to find the best ratings while looking for non-serial titles. I didn’t have too much luck as you can tell. But, I did land a couple. So, download (or purchase), read and let me know, yes? Also, tell me if in the next post you’d rather see 100% freebies or keep the bargain books in the list. Happy weekend reading!

-Rose, your reading pantser 🙂


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