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Bonus Scene: Knot a Liar

You should know by now that I’m a die-hard pantser. You just need to read two or more of my blog posts and you’ll find me bemoaning/ celebrating this fact. For pantsers, what happens during the writing process is of much as a surprise to the author as it is the reader. And why I’ll tell you that typically, out of an 80,000-word first draught, an author may get 50-65,000 words of useful material.

I’m one such author.

Knot a Liar bonus sceneHence this never before publicized bonus scene that I quickly scrapped but kept for some reason. I wrote it after the Vegas scene (If I remember this correctly) but found it so hard to just toss it into the trash.

So without further ado, I present to you this only found here (and under the extras tab) bonus scene of Knot a Liar.

PS: Remember Knot a Liar goes on sale February 14th!

Knot a Liar: Bonus Scene

Feeling a constant tugging and moving, Sam groaned then rolled as his threw an arm over his eyes. “Jodi, it’s Saturday. What are you doing?”

“Laundry. I need to wash the sheets.”

“But my eyes aren’t supposed to be opened yet.”

“I changed the ones in the guest room. Go in there. In your room. This is mine, remember?”

“Yeah, but this bed is so much more comfy.” Sam groaned then pushed his body to a half sitting position. “Switch the guest bed or I’ll have no choice but continue sleeping in here.”

Jodi stared at Sam and huffed, “Or, and I know this is a radical idea, but hear me out. You could go home and sleep there!” With an exaggerated gasp, Jodi widened her eyes and slapped a hand across her chest.

With furrowed brows, Sam paused his retort to look around the room then the windows, “Yeah, that’s not happening.” To punctuate his point, Sam grabbed the sheet and cocooned himself.

“How would you like it if I barged into your house and refused to leave?” Hands on her hips, Jodi glared at Sam. When he peeked out of his nest to raise a single brow, Jodi, quickly shook her head, “Forget I asked. But I need to do the laundry.”

Shuffling around, Sam bunched the sheet in one fist to flip them back. “We were both working late last night. How about a late morning?”

Jodi shook her head. “There are too many things to do. Besides laundry, there’s–”

“I’ll do the laundry.”

“Do you even know how a washing machine looks?”

“I have been living on my own for four years now, so I should. Mom made sure all three of us were functioning human beings by high school. Believe it or not, I’ve been doing laundry since then, too.”

“I can’t imagine about you handling my undies. Sorry.”

Tilting his head to the side, Sam’s forehead crinkled. “What do you suppose I’ll be doing with them? Wearing them?”

“I didn’t say that, nor did I imply that.”

“Let your face in on what you’re thinking, then.”

So what did you think of this bonus scene? I had one more but I’m not sure where it scurried off to. I was a part of their getting-to-know-you-phase.  But if (and hopefully when) I find it, I’ll be sure to get to posting.

You can preorder Knot a Liar HERE or HERE

-Rose, your faithful pantser


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