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Progress Update: Knot my Choice

In this progress update:

So while editing Knot thy Enemy, planning book 4 and trying to keep a semblance of normalcy in my everyday life, (haha I made a joke) I’m also Knot my Choice progress updateworking on the third book in the Knotted Up Series. I’m finally set on the title of Knot my Choice . It was between that and Knot the One though I still may use it down the line. It’s almost guaranteed I’ll use that title because I have a really good story line that would be excellent for the title. That honestly sounds like book 5.

I’m making great progress so far as I’m about 20-25% complete on the Exploratory Draft phase. That means the First Draft for Plotters. I recently found that out. And yes, I’m a proud pantser, who sometimes veer into plotsing (50/50 plotting and pantsing). Don’t sue me, it’s just something that happens from time to time. Mostly when the thoughts come flooding and I have to jot them down before I lose them. Or when the book outlines itself to me.

I’m really enjoying what I’m writing now. So when I hit the 85% mark I’ll update you with the synopsis (blurb), cover, tagline, etc. Psst. I’ll tell you a secret, though. I already have the cover, blurb and tagline down. I just need to finish this story now.

While it wasn’t intentional, so far Knot my Choice is turning out to be a romantic comedy/ chicklit like Knot a Liar. Knot my Choice progress updateNaturally, I’m only about 90% certain but with the way it’s heading and unfolding in my head, it’ll deal with second chances, friendships and finding oneself and what they want all the while deciding what choices someone should have.

Click here to keep updated on all news Knot my Choice and get sneak peaks, sample content and much more!


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