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Knot a Liar: Behind the Scenes

This is the story behind the story or simply a behind the scenes look of Knot a Liar.

I decided to do this since I love when they do it to movies. And since I’ve finally decided that Knot a Liar will be Knot a Liar behind the scenespublished in February 2017. (That’s less than 2 months away!) My sister says it takes away the magic from movies such as Harry Potter when they show how and what’s done to bring the ‘magic’ onscreen. I disagree. I love finding the little secrets and bites of info that makes the worlds I’ve come to know and  love even more special.

So let’s get on with it then.

Question 1: How did Knot a Liar come about?

Answer: I honestly don’t know. I remember reading (as usual) before bedtime, woke up and wanted to read a story with that plot. I searched kindle and wattpad for a while when I gave up. However, I didn’t make it to the kitchen before I had to turn back and jot down the idea. That then expanded to the blurb and within the next few minutes, I started writing chapter 1. Just how I went from searching for a book to writing my own (first ever) story, I’ll never know.

Question 2: Why those settings? Any reasons for particular scenes?

No. Not really. At least none that I can consciously point to. I just wrote what came to me. The only scenes I recall working on that didn’t flow within the first minutes at the laptop are the office-hoist scene and the last dinner with the parents scene. The parents-dinner scene took about half hour for me to work through before I had a solid idea of where I wanted it to go. The office scene, however, took about a day. (And silly me thought I had writer’s block).

I think I had the most trouble with the office scene because that sprang up out of nowhere. I had no idea how they even got to the office to even cause so much trouble. You know by now that I’m a die-hard pantser and when scenes like that one pop up to greet me, I have to backtrack a little to make sure it’s not too crazy for me to continue with. If it is, I have to either tone down the scenes or try to meld them so it’s not jarring to readers.

Question 3: How did you come up with the title? And the series title?

I like naming books. Seriously. But this bad boy decided to give me grey hairs before I could settle on a title that 1. made sense, 2. I liked, and 3. that didn’t sound like every other book that shares similar plots.

The first title was Rent-a-Husband. The second was Hire a Liar. Then came Will: Hire a Liar (Sam  was Will previously so I tried to incorporate his name to prove my ninja level ingenuity). Anyway, next up was To Marry a Liar. Then Will: Marry a Liar.

Book 2 saved me from this endless, cruel cycle because now I had to link Knot my Enemy (this came immediately but was then revised to Knot thy Enemy) with Will: Marry a Liar. Of course, that then became easy because I kept the “a Liar” and simply merged it with “Knot” (I still think this is punny). The series title Knotted Up was born about 30 seconds later.

Question 4: How did you come up with the cover?

Ugh! Let me point out that while I loved writing the story, I had a love-hate relationship for the longest time with the cover. That cover has gone through more revisions that the entire story itself. And for good reasons.

Want me to prove it? This is the first cover:Knot a Liar behind the scenes

Then I got GIMP and this happened:

Knot a Liar behind the scenes

Enough said.

Send me any questions you have or if you want some nuggets for Knot a Liar. And remember Knot a Liar comes out in February 2017. So whet your appetite HERE then preorder at your favourite ebook store.


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