Forgetful Writer Syndrome?

I’m not sure if I’m experiencing a writer’s mind where I become forgetful of the simplest things or my family is driving me mad.

But this makes me sad, honestly.  I can’t tell you how often I have a great thought or a scene finally developed to perfection. Then I start writing away, brilliant words flowing from my head through my fingers.  One thought flows gracefully to the next.

Then my husband starts talking about something irrelevant. Like how although he knew he was wasting time going to store A, he swung by just in case they got the item they told him an hour ago they didn’t have. Or my daughter feels it’s wise to recap the story of the movie we watched 15 minutes ago. Even though we’ve watched that same one 10 times already. Nothing new to learn there, hun.

My fingers freeze, I try to listen to their words (’cause you know we forgetfulare supposed to listen to our spouses and children when they talk, and if they don’t listen to me when I talk there is hell to pay)… wait… they’re talking again.

What was I saying?

Oh yeah.  I had some clever thought about how my thoughts dribble away like water from a leaking faucet. I’m not sure if it’s simply being forgetful or my family interrupts me too much. But all I’m wondering is where did my thoughts go?

But, although we’ve been together for over 10 years and I’ve never shown any deep interest in his work (grease and metal never excited me), he thought this was the perfect time to tell me how he made some genius decisions in fixing Customer B’s car. From a year ago. Yet he can barely remember my birthdays.

Anyway, do any of you have this problem?  Have you found a way to hold on to those thoughts?  And no, divorce is not an option.  I love him (definitely more so when I’m not writing).  And no, ignoring him is not an option.  Telling him to shut up is not an option.  I moved my workstation twice already to other rooms. But then they just joyously follow and interrupt me.

Writing the rest of the thoughts in one of my notebooks hardly ever works.  Why? Well, for some reason they are hardly ever at my desk. Even when I can clearly recall leaving them there.

In perfect irony, he’s now talking about how Justin (our dog) may have short-term memory since he’s seemingly more forgetful these days.

So do I, hun. So do I.


2 thoughts on “Forgetful Writer Syndrome?”

  1. Hi Rosie, have this problem too. Some days, my family’s lucky not to be at the wrong end of a full blown Jack Torrance style tantrum. Except, of course, women don’t do crazy things, like putting their own needs first. I feel guilty just saying that, as mine do tend to steer clear (mostly) when I’m at the keyboard. It’s just inspiration can strike anytime, and as you note, usually at that exact instant others demand your attention.

    As for notebooks, have you tried Hiveword.com? It’s a free site and I like its simplicity.


    1. Hi, Julia, and no I’ve never heard of Hiveword.com before. I may check it out someday and let you know how that goes.

      But yeah, women are seen as the ultimate sacrificers (about 60% sure that’s a word). But sometimes I think people take things a bit too far in their expectancy of what, how much and how often we give up things to make everyone else’s life better.

      I’m thinking of having another sitdown with my family so that they can be reminded that I’m off limits while writing. I’m not sure how this time will be any different from the other 10, but I’ll come up with something.


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