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Nano 2016: The Half-Way Mark

So it’s been exactly 15 days since November started. And fifteen days since I’ve started writing Under Summer’s Sky. I’m officially at the half-way mark people!

But that also means that I’m officially at the half-way mark. In just another fifteen days, the 60,000-word target for Under Summer’s Sky needs to be achieved. Though I’m seriously suspecting that this manuscript will, at the very least, tip over the 70k mark.

And while I’m not here yet:

writer under deadline

or here:


I’m hoping my current status more resembles this. Because this is how I feel:




(Although that last one is more wishful thinking on my part.) The point is I’m feeling good. And I’m writing.

Where I write is not the neat (most times) and orderly area I’m used to anymore that I visit once, perhaps twice daily. It’s a mess. My desk is an outright dump that I live and sleep and breathe and work in. Surprisingly, though, I find order in it because I know where everything is.

But the important thing is I’m now at… drumroll, please… 29,827 out of the 60k words! YESSS! So, I’m now a writer under a deadline. Send coffee, milk, snacks, a nanny, a housekeeper, and a cheerleader. Because by Davy Jones’ locker, I’m getting this done.

And to all my fellow Nanoites (I doubt the validity of this word): GET CRACKING! And if this is you:


Or you:

writer under deadline gif

Then this is simply put:

writer under deadline

Please remember, I know where you live. No, I don’t but don’t make me set Benedict Cumberbatch on you:

half-way writers gifs

(And most likely, he’ll know where you live.) Because you should be writing:

writer under deadline gif

Because honestly:


But I so hope this isn’t you. Because mercy knows I’ve been there too many times.


And if it is. Then I’m sorry. And you’ll be allowed to:


And just know:


But always remember:







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