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Under Summer’s Sky: My Nano 2016

So, yes, I know. I know.  But Under Summer’s Sky is a new story.

I’m supposed to be working on Knotted Up 2. But, in my defense, there’s nothing I can do when a story hounds and bugs me to the point of annoyance.

Like I said last week, I’d try to word on Knot thy Enemy this month, but Under Summer’s Sky popped up earlier this year (around May) and since October it has been like an itch I can’t scratch. But to give myself some relief, I’ll be scratching out this bugger during this year’s Nano.

So here’s the synopsis/ blurb/ summary:

For five years Summer’s life has been one mess after another. Her latest tragedy finally leaves her with
Under Summer's Skynothing more than the clothes on her back, failure in securing her future and a heart too full to empty. But when her latest rejecter almost dies before her eyes, Summer feels as if she has no choice but to rescue who could, but wouldn’t help her.

Real estate mogul Nicolas Wynter owes no one. He makes certain of that. So at what price does his rejected saviour, Summer, comes then? And while he wants nothing more than to wipe his debts clean, this is the one time Nicolas can’t pay his way out of a moral obligation. Despite what his mind is screaming, his heart leads him to help Summer restore her life since she made sure his remained.

Summer’s heart has no room for one more person that will leave but Nicolas’ mind is made up to stay. Even if it’s just to see where Summer’s path will lead. However, only time will tell how strong their walls are and how weak their reservations prove to be.

Besides, what’s the worst than can happen?

And here’s the bit of excerpt I wrote three days ago:

“Under the sky, we’re all the same, Mr Winters. You and me–”

“Nick. Call me Nick.”

Summer only tilted her head as she watched him shift under her gaze. All patients looked the same. All people need and bleed the same. Some just thought they were a notch above the rest. The hospital, she noted, brought them back to that same level. Summer smiled at that thought. Yeah, all people need and bleed the same.

“So we’re friendly now? How grand for me.”

Nick felt the full force of her unwavering gaze bearing down and burrowing further below his skin. He knew he should apologize, but it had been years since such a thing was done. And he couldn’t find a reason now to restart an obviously dead practise.

“Look, obviously you don’t like me–”

“I like you just fine. The problem is you’re an acquired taste. So I have a hard time swallowing the nice guy routine you think I’m buying.”

Even if I don’t finish Under Summer’s Sky on November 30, (which I hope to the heavens I do) I think this will stick to me (like Hitched for a While did) until I finish at least the first draft. So wish me luck.

And to all my fellow Nanoites (Nanoers?) out there: GET WRITING!


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