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Progress Update: Knot thy Enemy

Knot thy EnemySo for those who don’t know, I finished writing Knot thy Enemy at the end of November (yes of LAST year) as it was my entry for Nano. Even so, there’s not much progress with it.

Why? Well, since then, I’ve written another book between January and February. Now, admittedly, that was not the smartest decision. BUT Insert Bride Here wouldn’t give me a rest until I started. And once I started, I couldn’t stop until the last word went down on paper.

After punching out two (2) books in less than three (3) months, albeit first drafts, I felt mentally fatigued as it was the first time I ever attempted something like that. Then, it was time to gussy up Knot a Liar for publishing. After publishing, I took another short break because between being mentally and physically drained. Then, my emotions took a hit when my aunt died. Needless to say, Knot thy Enemy went on the back-burner. No, not true. It came off the stove.

However, now it’s time my baby gets the time and attention she needs with 2017 approaching.

Knot thy Enemy’s Scheduling/ Progress Update:

Editing Process:

Stage 1: Developmental Edit (This is for general overhauls were needed)

Progress: About 40% completed


Stage 2: Send to Beta Readers

Progress: Not yet started. Will be done after stage 1 is completed


Stage 3: Line/ Content Editing

Progress: Not yet started. Will be done after stage 2 is completed


Stage 4: Cover Design

Progress: 100% done (I do it when I feel writer’s block approaching). And yes, the image above is the cover. Like it?


Stage 5: Interior Design (Interior Layout/ Formatting)

Progress: About 80% completed. (I format once the first draft is done. Weird I know, but it’s one less thing to worry about when editing comes around.)


Stage 6: Book Production (Meta Data or Search Terms and Descriptions, Distribution Options, File Uploads, Proofing, Paper and Cover Choices )

Progress: About 85% completed. (I always try to have even a basic description once I get to about the 60-70% mark in the first draft. My title was a given since this a series all starting with ‘Knot’ and the second parts comes easier. Of course, I’ll be distributing through Amazon, Draft to Digital and I’m already setting up Createspace)


Stage 7: Prepare for Launch (ARCs, Early Reviews, Social Media, Book Landing Page)

Progress: Not yet started. Will be done after stage 6 is completed.


And yes, ALL this must be done before May 2017. (But after November 30 because of Nano). Hopefully. So let’s just say that I have a very busy few months ahead of me. And if I forget or skip these weekly posts, please forgive me. Or send help, coffee, food a babysitter, a housekeeper.

You know what, pick Option 2, go with option 2.

I’ll give another progress update at the beginning of December. Once (if) I survive Nano. Hopefully, that one will tell you that I haven’t died of exhaustion or something.


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