Editing, Self Publishing

Why Self-Editing Sucks

There are many, many reasons why an author will tell you that editing a book stinks. Especially self-published authors. The following scenario is reason 1089:
I got up this morning in a writing mood. Sent my daughter off to school, made breakfast and then stopped to smell the proverbial roses.
I then sat at the kitchen table to think about my day. When my husband walked in and asked what I’ll be doing today. This was my response:
A couple hours later, I said to myself, with a firm and decisive mind:
Unfortunately, my muse turned up for a visit. This was not a fun visit and I’m a still a little ticked off at her behaviour. This, in my opinion,  was completely uncalled for:
She disagreed. Strongly.
And so here I am (under duress), trying to finish what I promised myself would be completed eight days ago. I am not amused or impressed. Editing a first draft sucks because:
For me at least.

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