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5 Great Kindle Scout Romance Books

On Kindle Scout, you can nominate a book that attracts you from several different genres such as my ever favourite- romance. Each nomination essentially upvotes the book and with enough votes, it finds itself in the ‘Hot Section’. If the book garners enough nominations for it to stay in the hot zone for a month (30 day period), and meets all the requirements for Kindle Scout to publish it, then voila! A free Kindle Scout romance book you now have. Because guess what for each person that nominated that book to publication, one free copy is issued to that nominator. Cool reward, right?

But, one thing to note is that for every book you ‘win’ free, you’ll lose about 10 to 15 to non-selection for publication. Kindle Scout has some high standards that they adhere to when selecting titles. Something I’ve recently learnt is that sometimes it has less to do with the book and more the book’s author. When authors are unknown values in Kindle Scout’s equation, more times than not they remove the unknown value and thereby remove the book from their lineup before it even a foot through the door. So if you’re thinking of doing that programme yourself, keep that in mind.

Now, onto what I wrote this post for: good to great Kindle Scout romance titles I’ve won since I’ve started voting. I’m only doing five now because I think that’ll be enough to keep you occupied for a week, yes? Hopefully.




1. Back to Us by Teresa Roman










2. Coming Home by Laurie Breton








3. Falling for You by Julie Ortolon








4. Forever Lost by Laura Morgan






5. The One I Trust by L N Cronk


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